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  • Kuwait Phone : (+965) 1803020

  • Egypt Email : support.egy@tahergrp.org

  • Egypt Phone : (+20) 2 274 86 247

Our Services

Taher Group is a full service law firm that is in existence and operates in the State of Kuwait and the Arab Republic of Egypt and undertakes all types of civil, real estate, labor, insurance, commercial, maritime, trademark, patent, conciliation and arbitration matters, criminal cases and medical malpractice cases. The following are some of the areas of expertise: 

  • Impart of Legal advice and the drafting of contracts for the commercial sector, companies and investment and individuals.
  • Assistance in the incorporation of companies and provision of legal advice in the related work.
  • Labor/employment law advice and attending disputes related to the labor law.
  • Commercial contracts, maritime trade, banks and financial markets.
  • Legal advice related to oil laws, investments, contracts, petroleum industries and disputes arising from them.
  • Advise on Income Tax, file of returns and litigation related to taxes and tax decisions.
  • Consultations and claims related to civil and professional liability, insurance and medical field.
  • Administrative, sports and constitutional claims and contracts, regulation related to the participation of the private sector in the construction and development projects in the country, and the laws of direct investment.
  • Judicial Arbitration and Disputes on Public, private partnerships (P P P).
  • Local, regional and international arbitration.
  • Criminal cases (Misdemeanors and crimes) and issues of state security.
  • Personal status cases and endowment disputes, wills and funds allocated for charity.
  • Providing advice and legal services in accordance with the latest update/amended legislation through the daily follow-up of the new legislation issued in the State of Kuwait, the Gulf States and in Egypt.