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Taher Group Law Firm’s team is frequently praised by clients for their knowledge of Kuwaiti law and for ensuring a personal touch in imparting advice on their legal requirements. The firm’s work covers conflict resolution in various practice areas with the elite team of lawyers strongly led by the connoisseur attorney Abdul Aziz Taher Alkhateeb who has helped settle innumerous disputes through litigation since the 1960’s while he is the first registered arbitrator in the State of Kuwait. Lawyer Khalid Taher Alkhateeb is also renowned for extending quality legal advice and is equally sound and experienced in lawsuits and arbitration, personal status, will, inheritance and endowment issues. Source: Legal 500


Taher Legal Group has the distinction of having extensive judicial experience spanning more than 50 years in the field of litigation as well in the field of arbitration as it has cadres of certified arbitrators in international commercial arbitration within the group. The group provides outstanding services in the State of Kuwait as well as in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt. Taher Legal Group represents clients in both the Kuwaiti courts as well as the Egyptian courts at all levels of elementary, appeal and Supreme Court, and the group guides its clients during each stage of their disputes in terms of ensuring the full readiness of litigation and preparing for trial and representation sessions in the process all the while ensuring focus on achieving results and success at an effective cost. The team is well experienced in identifying critical problems early and benefit from them in negotiations or at the time of the litigation stages through the formulation of defense and sound legal representation in order to enhance the objective and reduce legal risks; while the group conducts settlement negotiations in a manner that is beneficial and successful.

The group has a proven historical record of legal betterment in the field of litigation and arbitration as well as in the field of arbitration. The group handles complex arbitration processes between companies and financial institutions and deals with their procedures, implement arbitration decisions locally, as well as implement them across the world regardless of the place, language, ruling law or subject matter. And this is in accordance with the best work standards, in line with the professional legal work and consistent with the overall quality of work in accordance with the standards (ISO 9001) as laid down by the Lloyd's World Classification Authority, which we are honored to be among the few law firms on an international level which have obtained this certification from the very best Quality Classification Authority in the world, which has help contribute to documenting and codifying our complex work procedure standards and experiences which spans for more than 50 years.

Experiences :

Our team includes lawyers and consultants who understand the aspects and dimensions of litigation, arbitration and legal representation based on their vast experience over the past 50 years. Our lawyers have represented companies and individuals on commercial and investment matter worth hundreds of millions of Dinars over decades. "Taher Group Law Firm have been our legal advisors for a long period of time. The group has immense knowledge of various practice areas of legal practice. We consider Taher Group as our backbone since our association among the founders of our commercial establishments. They provide sound advice and take extra care to ensure and protect our interests. Their capabilities are very high with their expert Knowledge of laws well including the updates and amendments. We can always resort to Taher Group members whenever we have a problem or legal issue that we cannot understand. " Client feedback to Legal 500

"Taher Group Law firm provides a comprehensive review of the matters in question, and they are outstanding in reading the fine prints. The international management is excellent and its work involves due diligence and risk management which gives us a lot of relief troubled times of disputes. The group itself is known to be one of the oldest law firms in the State of Kuwait and is currently in its fiftieth year of professional and legal services sector." Client feedback to Legal 500