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Taher Legal Group has an efficient qualified and professional team consisting of a selection of the best lawyers and advisors who have vast experience in an institution that is into existence for more than fifty years in the field of defense and legal representation, attending the investigation, expressing requests, and providing defense before the various judicial and appeal bodies (for example, and not limited to the Public Prosecution) including investigation departments and precincts), as they have a long experience in attending trials and pleading before the criminal courts in all types of misdemeanors, crimes and state security issues, where the team always pays great attention to the most accurate details in order to preserve the rights and freedoms and ward off risks for the clients. Our lawyers have undertaken hundreds of high-level investigations by representing our clients both locally and from overseas in trials, and the group provides its services both in the State of Kuwait and in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt (Cairo).

Taher Group provides exquisite criminal legal advice based on a deep understanding of the regulatory environment for economic entities such as companies and commercial institutions as well as individuals to protect them from defaulting into financial crimes, especially money laundering crimes, national security, anti-corruption, bribery, economic sanctions, import and export controls, customs, laws against cross-border fraud and anti-trafficking laws and others. The team always seeks to secure economic entities from criminal risks (financial crimes) by providing strategic and legal advice to the prestigious financial institutions that operate locally as well as those that invest across international borders, and the group has represented large entities in the most complex, sensitive, multi-faceted investigations and compliance needs to protect them from sanctions Financial and economic criminal and related matters, and our practice is widely known as a pioneering criminal consulting practice characterized by its wide and deep approach.

Past Experiences:

Our team includes qualifies attorneys, consultants, and former prosecutors who understand the primary and subsidiary consequences of investigations and trials given the deep and broad experience in defense and legal representation for decades. The group's team has defended the representatives of major companies and individuals in numerous criminal cases, including financial crime cases estimated at tens of millions of Kuwaiti dinars, and our expertise in representing clients who are complex and complicated, well-known and sensitive cases such as the issue of state security related to the attempt to assassinate the late Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him, and in the matter related to the Kuwaiti Baath Party Case, as well as the security issues of another country related to public opinion such as the issue of the Hezbollah cell and the Failaka cell, as well as the issues of security of another similar state for decades, as well as famous public funds issues such as the issue of the Mishref environmental disaster linked to the estimated damage Its value is more than 21 million Kuwaiti dinars related to serious environmental risks, investigations and trials in smaller and more individual cases that cannot be stated herein publicly, as they are not related to public opinion cases in order to preserve the confidentiality of customers.

A number of clients have been represented in cases related to anti-corruption laws, in addition to representation before the Capital Markets Authority and the Securities and Exchange Committees in allegations of fraud and bribery, the exploitation of internal information and spreading of rumors in the financial markets, as well as representatives of major companies in bribery and money laundering allegations.