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“Taher Legal Group customers pay tribute to its unique and consistent services. It is indicated that the group provides advice to clients in several practice areas, especially those related to companies and financial institutions. The group provides advice on the incorporation of companies and joint ventures, commercial contracts and other consultation and legal matters, in addition to providing advice to Kuwaiti companies on their external activities, the group assists international companies on Kuwaiti issues and law. " Source: Legal 500

Taher Legal Group has vast experience and has been successful in obtaining many precedents over the past fifty years by providing high-quality legal services to the heads of boards and executives in major local and global companies. Our team has practical experience, innovation and a broad perspective in the field of legal advice for councils and higher departments and legal departments with regard to for example Legal and in the field of legal risk management, responsibilities of boards of directors, organization of council structures, directors ’duties and legal protection. The group also has experience in the field of shareholders, corporate governance, disclosure requirements, investigations of the Capital Market Authority or any other entity such as the Ministry of Commerce, mergers and acquisitions, complex financing, design and development of eligible debt for capital and securities, and extending advice in the field of asset and portfolio management. The group also provides advice in various other areas such as tax laws, antitrust, intellectual property and patents, copyrights and related rights, compensation and has a history of organizing internal affairs of companies through the draft of contracts and papers, including codes of conduct, policies and other institutional procedures.

The group has gradually built a team of advisors and lawyers to address the unique legal problems faced by clients and its approach combines multiple disciplines to reach the best practices and practical provisions to help clients avoid increased risks. The group also provides advice on a daily basis to companies to meet their daily challenges in a fast and effective response to the usual challenges as well in crisis situations. The group has, since its foundation in 1969 till date provided legal services for the incorporation and legal support to hundreds of all kinds of companies and legal entities, follow up the procedures of incorporation, preparing ordinary and extraordinary meetings, accrediting them and forming boards of directors, as well as conduct of all business related to companies including the appointment and dismissal of managers and in companies’ modification, attending general assemblies and the representation of companies in the field of litigation and arbitration. The group has also supervised the procedures of liquidation and bankruptcy of many companies over the decades.

The group has provided consultations to financial institutions, banks, holding and investment companies, the oil sector and the insurance sector as well as the technology sector regarding innovation rights, and has a long history of providing advice to investors in their transactions, as well as providing legal advice to clients on the complex issues related to their economic entities irrespective of companies or institutions, whether before local or international courts or arbitration bodies in accordance with the best work standards, in line with professional legal work and consistent with the overall quality of work in accordance with the standard (ISO 9001) supervised by the World Classification Organization Lloyds, which we are honored to be among the few legal firms which have obtained certification on a global level which greatly contributes to documenting our records and experiences spanning more than 50 years and codifying our complex work procedures according to the best standards.

In addition, to the above Taher Group Law Firm engages the best financial experts to follow the financial side in corporate affairs, in cooperation with specialized agencies in this aspect, which contributes to a greater understanding of the financial situation of clients and to help the legal team with a better understanding of the financial aspect with its economic dimensions for all projects. We also examine feasibility studies in cooperation with financial experts to present it to the financial agencies, whether they are Small and Medium Enterprises Support Fund or the Industrial Bank or other important funding bodies supporting the national economy.

The group also leads in imparting legal thought through the provision of specialized legal training courses in the field of corporate law, commercial and investment laws, labor laws, and others. The group also issues pioneering studies and research in this field, and plays an important role in leadership of thought through active participation in drafting legislation and formulating a legal conversation on laws and regulations. "Taher Group Law Firm’s management and the team have a wide experience in commercial and institutional matters. They provide responses to all of our problems and they do not require much time to delve into matter and offer solutions." Client feedback to Legal 500

“The bilingual team at the International department is very efficient when we bring in foreign parties/clients that we deal with where they feel very comfortable immediately. Their services have been very consistent and on time which allows us to fully fulfill our obligations regarding consultations, negotiations or the conclusion of contracts with other law firm’s and we take pride to recommend them. " Client feedback to Legal 500