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Taher Group Law Firm has extensive experience in all family disputes and personal status issues for more than 50 years. The group team works closely in the resolution of disputes, whether related to marital relations or children, and we always strive to find the best legal solutions in family disputes.

Lawyers of the group always seek to find a consensual formula that can be agreed upon legally to initially settle family disputes before approaching the courts. In the field of litigation, the group’s team works in all types of personal status issues, including lineage, custody, children’s welfare, and expenses issues of all kinds (whether marital, living or custody costs) including the related issues of breastfeeding, child support, food, clothing, housing expenses, medical treatment, childbirth expenses, wages of the maid and other services etc.) as well as implementation of judgments, authorizing travel and delivery of documents and educational mandates, as well as in relation to protecting family members from violence both physical and psychological abuse.

The group has initiated many criminal cases related to family issues such as cases of exposure or abuse by one of the spouses to the other, and the group's team has achieved positive results for many personal and family status cases in the courts in order to achieve the desired goals of our clients. The group also has a team specialized in organizing official media issues (will and endowment) and inheritance, as well as those concerning the issues of civil and charitable endowments and trustees, charity and the third inheritances and in managing the monies that have been confiscated through the appointment and dismissal of guardians and supervisors and other related issues.

The group has extensive experience at the courts, where many rulings have been issued in favor of its clients, which have established important precedents at the Court of Cassation, especially with regard to matters of endowments and the responsibility of guardians which is important in the Islamic world. The group takes pride of organizing and maintaining a large legal library containing large numbers of books specialized in Islamic jurisprudence, while the group's team has formulated endowment arguments in accordance with the Islamic Shari’a related to the Sunni and Ja’fari (Shi’ite) doctrines of leading and global charities in the field of endowments. The group has a specialized team for the purpose of managing endowments both within and outside the State of Kuwait.

“Taher Group Law Firm’s office provides a comprehensive review on the matter in question, and they are exceptional in reading the fine print details. The International Department is excellent and its work involves due diligence and risk management, which saves us the trouble of any potential disputes. The group itself is one of the oldest law firms in the State of Kuwait and is currently over fifty years in existence in the legal and professional services sector. "Client feedback to the global legal ranking body Legal 500 for the year 2020