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Taher Group Law Firm is distinguished for having extensive experience in providing legal services and consulting for hotels and resorts and the hospitality and entertainment sector for a period of more than 50 years in the State of Kuwait. The group also provides such services in the Arab Republic of Egypt through its branch as well as across the globe through its elite alliance Tag Law which has been ranked the best globally.

Clients of the group include elite hotels, international resorts, hospitality companies, franchisees and developers, and among our customers are leaders in entertainment and sports operators, for example operators of stadium facilities, health and fitness facilities, spas, gyms, recreational complexes, cinemas, amusement parks and marinas. We have also provided legal services to companies specialized in the areas and field of conferences, organizers and developers of places for major sporting events and related fields.

We provide all legal services and consultations in the field of tourism legislation and related civil and commercial laws as well as in all practice areas of laws that govern the relationship between hotel and resort owners and between customers and workers and also in organizing their relations with official agencies including the management of state property regarding contracts for the exploitation of lands belonging to the state, including services on labor laws in the private sector to regulate the relationship of our clients with their workers from their appointment until the end of the work relationship, whether in the early stages of the business relationship or in the stage of litigation in the event of a dispute.

Our services also include perusal of the laws governing the responsibility of the members of the Board of Directors and the responsibility of managers towards others and as a team. Our defense work on suits worth millions has brought great success in raising the responsibility of the members of the Board of Directors of joint-stock companies. We have also represented owners in their financial claims and in all their judicial matters including those related to municipal violations, taxes, and others. Our services also include drafting contracts for companies, joint ventures and funds, financing and restructuring, franchise agreements, in preparing legal regulation related to technology, security, data privacy and advertising, as well as in the field of innovation and branding, and organizing the coverage of sponsoring major sporting events and important conferences legally.

Taher Group Law Firm has obtained numerous jurisprudences that have established important legal principles in this field especially those related to concession, management and work contracts. The group has also developed hotel contracts in a sustainable manner in line with the development of hotel establishments locally and internationally in order to preserve the interests of customers in accordance with legal developments and the latest judicial principles all the while working to provide our services according to what is compatible with professional legal work and conforms to the overall quality of work in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards which is applied by Lloyds; while we are honored to be one of the few law firms across the globe to have obtained this certification from the First Quality Classification Authority.

"Taher Group Law Firm has been our legal advisors for a long time for now. The group has vast knowledge of various areas of legal practice. We consider Taher Group as our backbone since the time of our association with the founder of our commercial establishments. They provide sound advice and take extra care to ensure and protect our interests. Their main capabilities are high knowledge of the laws well and keeping abreast of the developments of the law and their updates. We can always resort to Taher group members whenever we have a problem or legal issue that we cannot understand. " Client feedback to the global legal ranking body Legal 500 for the year 2020