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Taher Group Law Firm is distinguished for its more than 50 years of experience in drafting contracts for oil and logistic services between the host government and major international oil companies in the development or exploring oil or natural gas fields on behalf of the host government in return for pre-determined fees paid to international oil companies. We offer our services in the State of Kuwait and the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as across the globe through our elite alliance TagLaw which is ranked as the best in the world.

We work closely with our network of clients both domestically and internationally in a world where energy demand is increasing dramatically as well as service related companies where energy workers look to their lawyers to provide advanced legal skill. They also look for in-depth expertise in the sector and finding innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Taher Group Law Firm’s attorneys provide clients with the focused and innovative advice they need in this sector. Private and public companies rely on legal advisors with expertise in any matter related to energy and related services, especially in the changing and complex world.

In Kuwait and the Middle East, we are entering an era of unprecedented demand for power generation and transmission, especially within emerging economies which is dynamic, along with the challenges faced by everybody from climate change, and creating new opportunities to alternative energies and new technologies to be observed globally.

Our energy clients receive comprehensive, coordinated coverage of all their needs, including construction, projects, companies, competition, regulatory, contractual, commercial, litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution, and tax issues. The Group understands the technical, geographic, commercial, and geopolitical factors that make up the industry and we have direct access to the contacts, sponsors, and decision-makers for a right solution to legal issues.

Taher Group Law Firm’s team includes specialists who are detailed in their approach on multi-layered regulatory frameworks that apply to energy sector projects and activities. We recommend regulators, regulated investors, investors and other industry participants about the implications for the regulatory framework during the planning, development and operational stages of many energy projects and activities. For decades our team has served clients in the energy, oil and gas, renewable and nuclear markets, energy trade, climate change, and water markets, as well as our energy companies as sponsors and direct project developers allowing negotiation of effective solutions. Our attorneys provide advice on legislative and regulatory issues in line with professional legal work and in line with the overall quality of work in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards which is applied by the International Classification Authority (Lloyds) for which we are honored to be among the few law firms across the globe to have obtained the certification from a body which is ranked as the best globally.

“Taher Group Law Firm’s clients pay tribute to its unique and coherent services. It is often mentioned that the group provides excellent advice to clients in several areas, especially those related to companies and financial institutions. The group provides advice on the incorporation of companies and joint ventures, commercial contracts and other consultation in law. In addition to providing advice to Kuwaiti companies on their external activities, the group assists international companies on Kuwaiti matters and law. " Client feedback to the global legal ranking body Legal 500 for the year 2020