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Taher Group Law firm is distinguished for its expertise in the special fields in preparing and developing an integrated labor system that includes labor regulations and models that regulate the relationship between employers and workers which extends for more than 50 years till date. Unspecified and contract elements such as wages due, number of working hours, confidentiality, occupational safety and aspects of the labor relationship. The group prepares internal work regulations for establishments and work according to their requirements, and these regulations include labor regulations, violations, and compliance with the employees and the authorities both in the State of Kuwait and the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as across the globe through our elite alliance TagLaw which is ranked as the best in the world.

Taher Group's lawyers are currently involved in the creation and preparation of a set of studies on labor law issues. These issues include the following areas of technical practice: 1- Labor relations, including union systems, revocation of permits, contract negotiations, unfair work practices, closures from the public authority, contingency planning and strikes, contract management, arbitration, employee participation committees, job transfers, factory closures, and development Employment and litigation policies, including issues of wages, hours of work, and prevailing wage standards, including overtime, remedial measures, work injuries and disabilities, special medical leave, whether due to illness or work injury, status, annual leave, or other, study and prepare safety controls Occupational health, enforcement and compliance, Confidentiality, non-competition agreements, enforcement and compliance with residency laws, including work visas, requests and procedures for permanent residency and citizenship, internal and external investigations, procedures and grievances, termination of employment, including layoffs, unlawful termination and litigation regarding work as desired, and preparation of experience certificates and its submission, labor disputes of all kinds, and litigation. 2- In legislative matters, legal studies and research, providing legal training courses for employers and workers in the public and private sectors, both private and the oil sector within the scope of the civil service law, the labor law in the private sector, and the labor law in the oil sector.

All courses are efficiently conducted by the group's staff All courses are conducted by the group's work team in a highly professional and perfected competence in line with the professional legal work and in consistence with the group's history and the overall quality of work in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards which is applied by the International Classification Authority (Lloyds), ​​which we are honored to be among the few law firms across the globe to have obtained this certification from the first quality classification organization in the world.

"Taher Legal Group office has been our legal advisors for a long time. The group has vast knowledge of various legal practice areas. We consider Taher Group as our backbone since the time of our association with the founder of our commercial entities. They provide sound advice and take extra care to ensure and protect our interests. Their main capabilities are very high knowledge of the laws and its developments and their updates. We can always resort to Taher group members whenever we have a problem or legal issue that we cannot comprehend. " Client feedback to the global legal ranking body Legal 500 for the year 2020