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Taher Group Law Firm is distinguished for its experience in the field of banking and finance that extends for more than 50 years in assisting its clients in various banking operations in terms of negotiation, contracting, settlements with banks, debt restructuring with banks, and structured financing, including providing assurances to assist in structuring and grouping operations, credit (loans), preparation of studies required for it, debt restructuring including project financing, representation of large companies in domestic and international operations, and review and audit of all credit contracts, whether in relation to supporting companies and investments or commercial and industrial projects or in the field of import or export or in the field of supporting activities and investment real estate and industry support, and the use of leading external parties to prepare feasibility studies and discuss them and prepare budgets and financial position in preparation for obtaining bank approvals. We provide these services in the State of Kuwait and the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as across the globe through our elite alliance TagLaw which is ranked as the best in the world.

Taher Group regularly carries out the work of its banking and financial institutions in cooperation with financial institutions, banks, banking holding companies, investment banks and investors, in capital formation transactions, mergers and acquisitions, financing, design and development of debt eligible for capital and securities based on our long experience in representing joint stock companies and financial services institutions in a wide range of transactions, securities, financing related and commercial matters.

Taher Group advises and directs large financial institutions on how to form and invest in private funds, as it advises companies on how to manage their portfolios and investments in a way that reduces legal risks, and the group expresses opinion and advice in developing financial strategies in the legal framework effectively and responds to regulatory reform initiatives through a legal lens. Taher Legal Group is widely known for its expertise in complex commercial transactions, and through it’s accumulated over the 50 years of experience in multiple disciplines. We provide detailed advice on complex transactions. We work with leading joint stock companies and manage mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financing and fund formation. Taher Group's focus on teamwork enables dealing with all types of transactions for financial institutions.

Taher Legal Group provides advice to clients, including institutions, managers and officials, detailed advice on their matters including legal compliance and enforcement procedures, bank insolvency issues and how to deal with regulatory authorities. The group also directs financial institutions on how to purchase bankrupt institutions and support the holders of non-performing loan assets, and all the procedures that the work team performs with a high professionalism and elaborate efficiency in line with professional legal work which is in consistence with the overall quality of work in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards which is applied by a body International Classification (Lloyds) for which we are honored to be one of the few law firms across the globe to have obtained this certification from the First Quality Classification Authority.

“Taher Legal Group clients pay tribute to its unique and coherent services. It is often stated that the group provides excellent advice to its clients in several practice areas, especially those related to companies and financial institutions. The group also provides advice on the incorporation of companies and joint ventures, commercial contracts and other consultation in law. In addition to providing advice to Kuwaiti companies on their external activities the group assists international companies on Kuwaiti matters and law. " Client feedback to the global legal ranking body Legal 500 for the year 2020