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Taher Group Law Firm (TAG) was set up in 1969 on Fahad Al Salim Street, Al Sharq Al Awsat Building, Kuwait. Upon establishment, the Group was headed by Dr. Jamal Eddin Ateyyah, attorney at law, holder of a PhD in the International Law from the French Sorbonne University, and one of the founders of the first Islamic bank worldwide in Luxembourg County.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Taher Al-Khateeb is one of the Kuwaiti lawyer forerunners as he was enrolled in the Kuwaiti bar for practicing the legal profession in 1969. Afterwards, the Group was joined by Mr. Khaled Taher Al-Khateeb, Mr. Jamal Taher Al-Khateeb and Dr. Fawaz Khaled Al-Khateeb along with other expert lawyers.

Mr. Mohamed Ghonemy joined the group as an executive partner in Cairo office in the Arab Republic of Egypt to extend the group’s legal services within ...

Our publications

by Lawyer Lawyer Abdulaziz Taher Alkhateeb

Criminalization and Penalty in non-penal codes Ahmed

This book tackles all the penal provisions that are applicable to the non-penal laws which are considered as an integrated penal blog.

Presently being distributed by Jareer Bookshop, Kuwait

by Lawyer of the firm

Various legal studies, researches, workshops, conferences & symposiums

A part of the firm’s contribution have been published in the Lawyer Magazine issued by Taher Alkhateeb The Kuwaiti Lawyers Association, local magazines, newspapers, Kuwait University Magazine & other international professional magazines such as Thompson Reuters, the American Bar Association and on Internet platforms.

Presently being distributed by Jareer Bookshop, Kuwait

by Lawyer Mr. Abdul Aziz Taher Al Khateeb.

The encyclopedia of Terms and Deadlines in Kuwaiti Laws

All legislative texts

Presently being distributed by Presently being distributed by Jareer Bookshop, Kuwait

by Lawyer Abdulaziz Taher Alkhateeb

The chilled

Protecting human beings at a young age - the child - between international law and Islamic law

Presently being distributed by Jareer Bookshop, Kuwait

News & Articles


TAG recognized as prestigious law firm globally for year 2022

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 23: Taher Group Law Firm Company (TAG), which specializes in advocacy and legal consultations, was recognized as one of the globally prestigious law firms for the year 2022. Featured in this recognition are attorneys Abdulaziz, Khaled, Jamal Taher and Dr Fawaz Khaled Al-Khateeb.

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A New Legal Principle in Medical Malpractice Cases: Incorrect Diagnosis Requires Diagnosing Physician to Compensate

In a groundbreaking legal decision, it has been established that incorrect medical diagnosis mandates compensation by the diagnosing physician to the affected patient, and the hospital that provided the medical service, regardless of the absence of physical harm. The Civil Court of Appeal ruled in favor of a citizen, ordering a private hospital to pay her 8,800 Kuwaiti Dinars in final moral damages and legal fees due to an error in diagnosis.

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Taher Group Law Firm Co is recognized as one of the world's prestigious law offices for the year 2022.

The firm has garnered esteemed ratings from global rating agencies such as "Chambers and Partners" and "Legal 500" in the field of litigation and legal disputes, in addition to "IFLR1000" in corporate law and the financial sector.

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The appellate court has affirmed the acquittal of a Lebanese woman and two nationals who were accused of affiliating with Hezbollah, making unauthorized donations, and disseminating its doctrines.

• Endorsement or mere sympathy alone does not warrant conviction. • Documents from the U.S. Department of State about terrorist cell classifications are simply advisories reflecting another nation’s perspective.

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