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Dr. Amal Alkout obtained her Bachelor of Laws from Kuwait University in 1994 and joined Taher Group Law Firm during the period 1997-2000. She then moved to work in the public sector. She obtained a master's degree in Administrative Law from Kuwait University in 2003. She got her doctorate degree in the investment law and the Public Private Partnerships in the year 2016. She worked in several pioneering institutions in Kuwait such as the National Bank of Kuwait during 1991-1992, the Ministry of Higher Education as a legal researcher 1996-1997, 2000-2004 and was promoted to the Head of the Department of Consultations and Investigations for the Department of Legal Affairs during the years 2004 -2008. She was then promoted as Head of Administrative Research, Audit and Consulting during 2008-2011, and moved to the Civil Services Bureau as a supervisor of employment affairs in the department of employment observers in 2011. Currently she works as a supervisor in the Financial Investigation Unit for money laundering.

She is also a permanent authorized agent by the President of the Court to publish the developments of the administrative legislation of the independent and governmental bodies. Dr. Amal holds a certified training certificate and has given many lectures and delivered courses at the Civil Services Bureau to independent and governmental bodies. Dr. Amal is an expert in the field of investment and in the public private partnership sectors. She has contributed to the provision of legal consultancy to some of the leading institutions in Kuwait. She is a senior expert in the group excelling in the field of public-private partnership where she contributed to organizing the legal frameworks to participate in investment opportunities for local, regional and international specialized companies expressing their desire and choose to invest in infrastructure projects in the State of Kuwait and investments on natural resources. Dr. Amal has also contributed her accumulated experience immensely by supporting the participation of the private sector and benefiting from its experience in the construction and developmental projects in the country as well as in managing the pre-qualification documents for companies and alliances that wish to invest in projects related to sustainable development through tenders and contracts. She also has a vast experience in administrative law, public service, administrative authority, administrative contracts and administrative cases in general.

Specialization and experience:

Dr. Amal participated in many courses and consultations related to investment between the public and private sectors. She presented her doctoral thesis in this field. She has a critical vision for the development of the legislative system related to economic development affairs, especially aspects related to the management of investment contracts and public-private partnership sectors. She has contributed to the formulation of modern contracts for the law of public-private partnership sector in accordance with Law No. 116 of 2014 and organize opportunities to contribute to economic development. These contracts concern the State as they contribute towards achieving the objectives of the future of the State of Kuwait. Dr. Amal also has a long standing experience in administrative law, Administrative contracts and administrative claims in general.

Educational Qualifications:

She holds a Bachelor of Laws from Kuwait University obtained in the year 1994, a Master of Administrative Law from Kuwait University in 2003, and a PhD in Public-Private Partnership from the Lebanese University in 2016

Professional registrations:

She was registered as a lawyer in the year 1994


Arabic and English

    Events, Courses and Symposia:

  • Attended several internal and external training courses in the field of executive and supervisory and participated in many committees as a member, a rapporteur and a president.
  • She has contributed to many specialized workshops and training courses.
  • Dr. Amal is a board member of Kuwait Chess Federation, a Former President, a Founder of Al-Faza'a and Legal Guidance Center of the Kuwait Transparency Society which is a branch of the International Advocacy Centers.
  • She also functioned as a Legal advisor to Al-Shahid Office until 2011 at the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • She has taught in the General Authority for Applied Education in the legal department for commercial companies.
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