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Dr. Fawaz Alkhateeb is a senior partner and attorney at Taher Group Law Firm. He is admitted to practice before all courts in Kuwait including the Constitutional and Supreme Courts. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Kuwait University in the year 2009 and obtained a master’s degree in Law from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom in the year 2012. He obtained his doctorate in Financial Law from Durham University, Law School in the United Kingdom in 2021. He is a Co-Convener of the Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law at Durham University, Law School 2018-2020. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Institute for Advocacy and Legal Studies at the Bar (Kuwaiti Lawyers Association) 2020 to date. He has had exposure as a legal consultant at the British Legal Advisory Center in Manchester in collaboration with Clifford Chance LLP, Hill Dickinson Law Firm and Manchester University. He has executed duties as a teaching assistant at the Kuwait International Law School (KILAW) during 2014-2015. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at KILAW. He has successfully headed the quality assurance committee (ISO 9001) at Taher Group Law Firm in both at the Kuwait and Cairo offices in addition to being, a certified quality auditor (IRCA) since 2014.

He is a registered Court Receiver at Kuwait's Ministry of Justice. He is also a registered arbitrator at the Commercial Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He functioned as the head of the Constitution Defense Committee, and, the head of the Standing Committee for the Defense of Lawyers and currently he is the head of the Criminal Law Revision Committee at the Kuwait Lawyers Association (BAR). He is the Director of the legal electronic newspaper (TAG) licensed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information. A columnist in Arab Times.

Dr. Al-Khateeb contributed in to developing the local laws and proposed legislative amendments in the State of Kuwait, including the law of the medical profession, and the electronic legislative notification law. He also presented legislative proposals that allow the development of the court hearing system and contribute to the provision of litigation services electronically. He has also contributed towards the provision of specialized legal courses to leading private sector entities within the State of Kuwait.

He specializes in criminal law, financial and corporate crimes and capital market crimes. Dr. Fawaz has represented many clients in numerous criminal cases including crimes, misdemeanours or crimes of national security, money laundering and terrorist accusations including criminal medical malpractice matters.

Specialization and experience:

Mr. Alkhateeb is an international lawyer and arbitrator with over twelve years of experience in General and criminal law. He has extensive experience in pleading and defending before all courts in the State of Kuwait. He has worked on many cases including criminal, corporate and financial market crimes, national security, and money laundering cases. In addition to that he is adept in the field of criminal medical malpractice. Alkhateeb has also contributed towards the leadership of the international department ‘foreign’ and the management of legal affairs in the group.

Educational Qualifications:

He holds a Bachelor of Laws from Kuwait University obtained in the year 2009, a Master of Laws from the University of Manchester, the United Kingdom in the year 2012 and obtained his PhD in Financial Law from Durham University, in the United Kingdom 2021.

Professional registrations:

He is registered as a lawyer since 2009


Arabic and English

    Events, Courses and Symposia:

  • "Insider Dealing: From an Islamic Perspective" (Doctoral thesis, Durham University 2020). Link
  • "Doing Business in the State of Kuwait: An Overview" (Thomson Reuters, Q & A, ِAugust 2020). Link
  • "Reducing Corporate Responsibility: Advice from the External Consultant" (Association of Institutional Advisors ‘ACC’ 2017) p 34. Link
  • "The Impact of Economic Theory on Corporate Law in the United Kingdom and the State of Kuwait - Comparative Study", (JD Supra, LLC 2012). Link
  • "Building Consistent and Stable Countries" (Kuwait National Consensus Conference INCM Conference Paper - April 2014).
  • Master Thesis, "Monetary Evaluation of Cases in which Courts raise the Legal Cover of Holding and Subsidiary Companies - Comparative Study between the State of Kuwait and the United Kingdom", (the UK: University of Manchester 2012).
  • "Explaining the rules of the profession of a lawyer and the legal pursuers", (Kuwait: Kuwait University 2008) - nominated as the best research at Kuwait University Faculty of Law - in 2008.
  • Research on "Rights and Freedoms in Kuwaiti Law", (Kuwait: Kuwait University, Faculty of Law, 2006).
    • Additional information

      Alkhateeb is First Rank in Kuwait Chess Championship of the year 2000. He is Vice chairman and a member of Board of Directors in Kuwait Mind Sports Association Oct 2014 – 2017. He is also a chess Arbiter certified by the International Chess Federation and Center of Leadership Development – Kuwait 2015.

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