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Mr. Magdi Megahed currently serves as the Senior Legal Advisor in the group. He has advanced experience in law for more than 33 years. He obtained bachelor’s in law from Ein Shams University (Cairo) in 1983. Mr. Magdi has a vast empirical knowledge in the Kuwait legal system and litigation. He works on legal consultations on a daily basis on commercial and investment issues. He is adept at providing legal opinions and advice on Franchise, distribution, consignment, Licensing - Software's, credit bureau, Pharmaceuticals, Corporate acquisition, Incorporation of companies, Income tax on foreign companies etc.

Specialization and experience:

Mr. Magdi Megahed has 33-years-experience in the scope of advocacy, legal consultation and contracts drafting whereupon he contributed to the legal management of the group and the organisation of its affairs. In the same vein, he provided miscellaneous civil and commercial consultations, contracting agreements, public bids for the private and public sectors, drafting the investment contracts, the control of legal and commercial affairs of companies and investors inside Kuwait and the preparations of developing investment as per the requirements of the companies carrying out their business in Kuwait. Mr. Magdi Megahed primarily focuses on drafting the investment contract and on providing his opinion in these contracts in respect of the commercial aspects of corporations, investment, taxes, labour law, relevant laws and financial and corporate crime laws.

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor’s in law from Ein Shams University in (1982).



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