High Court orders a citizen to compensate partner in a Chalet KD 20000

The High Court ruled that a citizen should pay KD 20000 to another citizen as a compensation, in addition to the expenses and attorney fees. The plaintiff brought his case to the court asking to obligate the defendant to pay the aforesaid amount after the latter intransigence to complete a sale process of the share of the plaintiff in a chalet in which both equally have the right of usufruct in Khairan.

Agreement between the two parties had been made that in case one party wished to sell his own share of the usufruct, he should first inform the other party of his wish, and in case the other party did not respond or attend to sign, the abstaining party should then pay a compensation of KD 20000. Actually, the plaintiff offered his share for sale and he received many willing buyers, but the first citizen abstained to complete the sale process more than once and without any justifications.