Taher Group law firm office in Cairo, an exclusive ally of British IR Global

Taher Group law firm announced that its office in Egypt has joined the British IR Global as an exclusive representative regarding real estate, commerce and tax laws. On the occasion, lawyer Khaled Taher AlKhateeb, congratulated lawyer Ahmad Tawfeeq, partner and CEO of Cairo office, for listing the office exclusively in the British Alliance, a thing that helps represent multinational clients.
Alkhateeb pointed that Taher Group in Egypt concentrates on helping Kuwaiti investors there organize their commercial and tax affairs, and modify their companies’ status, as it has been discovered that there are cumulative taxes on many Kuwaiti companies in Egypt, noting that the Group has successfully modified the legal status of the Kuwaiti investors and lowered the taxes or properties and companies after addressing the relevant bodies or appealing to the courts. He added that the Group has followed up the properties of many Kuwaiti investors so as to organize their legal affairs in compliance with the Real Estate Tax authority. Lawyer Ahmad Tawfeeq said that many Kuwaitis and other foreigners leave there properties not pursued, and that makes them subject to legal and financial consequences under the Egyptian laws, such as cumulative taxes, noting that this applies for those who own one property or those who have more than one property, whatever residential or commercial. He also noted that the Real Estate tax authority is developing its e-services, but still there are some field reviews that should be made in different governorates, a thing which the Group is providing for many foreign owners, noting that there is an appetite among Kuwaiti investors to establish varied commercial and investment companies in Egypt due to the large market size there. Tawfeeq also said that the Group targets the Egyptian investors who look forward to set their commercial, investment and oil business in the State of Kuwait, as the Group offers to arrange their legal affairs in Kuwait through Taher Group law firm, Kuwait office, with more than 50 years of experience in the legal field and works under ISO 9001 standards, noting that the Group has recently signed two cooperation agreements with one the leading professional legal and financial companies in China to help clients of the Group in Kuwait and Egypt have their investment projects in China.