Conference on proper corporate management to be held in April in Kuwait

Jointly organized by the Taher Law Firm and Midi Control, an economic conference on the proper corporate management would be held in Kuwait . on April 8, organizers told a news conference here on Sunday. Lack of economic laws to increase the size of transparency remained an obstacle before the investors' launch, Attorney Abdulaziz al Taher, Chairman of the organizing committee, said, noting that Kuwait is in the forefront of countries in the application of concepts pertaining to the proper corporate management. He said such a reality stressed the need for adoption of new economic legislations to meet regional and international development to lure foreign investors into the area. New concepts have arose during the past decade, Taher said, naming transparency, arbitration, accounting standrads as examples, noting that such concepts have evolved around ethics and values in the money and business sector. He said several forums and conferences have been staged by government and private companies to address the domestic economic situation in depth in a bid to set the legislative corner stone for a future economic structure. Taher said an elite of money experts would take part in next month's two-day conference, which is aimed at addressing the economic vision of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah al Ahmad al Jaber al Sabah and his drive to make Kuwait a leading regional financial centre. Conference's axes have been prepared to highlight the role of a companies' board and local and international Economics.