­­Taher Group Law Firm executed two cooperation agreements with two leading Chinese legal and financial firms

Taher Group Law Firm for advocacy and advisory services (Lawyers Abdulaziz, Khaled, Jamal Taher Alkhateeb and Fawaz Khaled Alkhateeb) entered into two cooperation agreements with two leading offices (Pamir Law Group and Daxin Global Co., Ltd.) in Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China.

This decision for such a cooperation materialized amongst the office representatives at the recent IR Global conference held in London on October 2018, which is an alliance of international network of independent professional offices and companies providing professional services in various legal, accounting and financial specializations for companies and individuals in more than 155 territories and jurisdiction across the globe. The founder of Taher Group Law Firm, lawyer Abdulaziz Taher Alkhateeb, declared "This agreement aims to enhance cooperation in order to provide specialized assistance to clients in the jurisdiction of each other’s offices, which was a result of execution of several agreements between the governments of the State of Kuwait and China simultaneously which include elements of investment cooperation between the two countries". Alkhateeb also added that this step comes within the scope of the firm’s objective of similar cooperation’s and collaborations undertaken by the management of the group during the last fifty years. However, during the last five years, a branch of the firm was opened in Cairo, Egypt with the aim of extending legal assistance to international clients in the fields of trade, investment, taxation and real estate. Additionally, the group has been ranked as one of the best offices in the region by international ratings, evaluating and merit rating companies and though its certification obtained for the ISO 9001 standards from Lloyds a UK based Company. " "The purpose of the cooperation agreement with the leading offices in China is to meet the needs of the market and to organize events and awareness activities within the scope of the each other’s jurisdiction and specialization to promote culture and legal and financial awareness and to facilitate understanding of the judicial, legal and financial systems of the two countries to promote professional work and extend services to potential investors." Alkhateeb mentioned. "This execution of this agreement was the need of the hour to facilitate the financial and legal understanding of potential interested parties and investors in the two countries," said Joe Chang, vice chairman of Daxin Global Co., Ltd. The company is part of a network of accounting alliances in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States of America, for the purpose of building international business. The company has been awarded the annual Rising Star network of the year 2018 held in London by the prestigious International Accounting Bulletin (IAB). "We are pleased team with Taher Group to enhance mutual understanding and benefits for both Kuwait and Chinese stakeholders (governmental, private sector, academics and NGO’s). We are committed to promoting international cooperation by building capacity and sustainability over time, we are confident that we can deliver win-win benefits to all stakeholders." said managing partner of Pamir Law Group, Nicholas V. Chen. Pamir Law Group is an international consulting firm, Law and Business Consultancy and is based in Asia with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan, and has a long record of concluding deals in a wide range of industries in China and Taiwan which represents the Fortune 100 multinational companies. Mr. Chen has been actively bridging China with the world since 1973, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help grow successful long-term cooperation between Kuwait and China. Mr. Thomas Wheeler, the founder of the ‘IR Global’, said he was pleased with the participation of the members of the alliance at the 2018 London Annual Conference, the development and establishment of forged relationships between members and the promotion of discussion of opportunities in each other jurisdiction. He added that the Alliance always aims to bring the best in the consultative community to achieve a common economic and legal vision based on ethical principles, adding that the goal is to provide strategic support for development through a common vision in accordance with best practices and professional standards