Atyab Al Shatti

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Mrs. Atyab Alshatti serves as Of Counsel at the Group, bringing with her over a decade of post-qualified experience (PQE) in law. A graduate from the Law School at Kuwait University, her specialization lies in serving international clients, expatriates, and locals. Her expertise encompasses understanding and meeting the legal requirements of these diverse demographics in Kuwait and their interests overseas. She offers legal advice and assistance across all areas of laws concerning the expatriate population in Kuwait.


Specialization and Experience: 
Mrs. Alshatti's extensive legal experience and prowess extends to legal consultancy and contract drafting. She has contributed significantly to the growth and administrative organization of the international department and its legal affairs. Additionally, she has provided countless consultations, drafted investment contracts, franchising agreements, and managed commercial legal affairs for foreign companies and investors in Kuwait. Her expertise in labor law issues is of significant value to the companies operating in Kuwait. Furthermore, she is proficient at drafting contracts and providing insights on commercial aspects of companies in relation to Labor laws and other relevant legislations.


Educational Qualifications and Contributions:
Mrs. Alshatti has made substantial contributions to human rights, women's rights, and labor laws in Kuwait through her participation in preparing numerous reports. These have been submitted to esteemed bodies such as the High Commissioner of Human Rights, the CEDAW commission, the Human Rights Commission, and the Arab Commission for Human Rights. Moreover, she has been instrumental in monitoring human rights violations for the Kuwait Society for Human Rights.


Professional Registrations: 
She holds board membership at the Kuwait Society for Human Rights and membership at the Kuwait Lawyer Bar Association, the Kuwaiti Writers Association, and the Kuwaiti Journalists Association.


Language Proficiency: 
Mrs. Alshatti is fluent in English and Arabic, with a working knowledge of French.


Events, Courses, and Symposia: 
Mrs. Alshatti's commitment to continual learning and enhancement of her professional skills is evident in her extensive participation in various training courses, workshops, programs, and conferences. These activities focused on various areas including digital security, human rights, women's rights, civil society, peacebuilding culture, labor rights, and gender-based violence. She participated in the Dutch Visitor Program to enhance her knowledge about human rights and attended the IVLP International Visitor Leadership Program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United States of America.