Sakina Alkout

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Mrs. Sakina Alkout is a distinguished alumnus of Alexandria University's Faculty of Arts, where she graduated in the Arab Republic of Egypt. In 1974, she also earned an advanced diploma in social services. Recognized on local, Arab, and international stages, Mrs. Alkout is a renowned artist who has showcased her work in numerous art exhibitions within her home country and across the Arab world.

Since 1985, Mrs. Alkout has effectively served as the Director of Media and Public Relations at Taher Group Law Firm. Her contributions to the Public Welfare Association have been commendable, largely achieved through her efforts within the Public Relations Department of the Kuwaiti Society for Fine Arts. Furthermore, she has been an active participant in the artistic and cultural activities coordinated by the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature.

With an extensive career spanning over 50 years, Mrs. Alkout has significantly enhanced the communication and media activities of Taher Group Law Firm. Her work has been instrumental in raising legal awareness within the community. Her broad experience in the domain of internal and external public relations, drawn from her artistic and media roles at the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Media in Kuwait, as well as the Kuwaiti Society of Fine Arts, has been invaluable.

Assigned as the manager of media and public relations activities at Taher Group Law Firm, Mrs. Alkout has employed her substantial experience to amplify the group's role in public awareness, which has been evidenced through her proactive and responsible communication strategies. She has strived for intellectual integration, aiding individuals in their understanding of their legal rights and obligations under the laws of the State of Kuwait. Her efforts underscore her commitment to accuracy, information documentation, and understanding of legal responsibility to uphold the principle of "the rule of law".


Educational Qualifications: 
Mrs. Alkout holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts from the Department of Geography, Alexandria University, Egypt.


Mrs. Alkout is proficient in both Arabic and English.


Events, Courses, and Symposia: 
Mrs. Alkout is an active member of the Kuwaiti Women's Cultural Society, Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights, Kuwaiti Society of Fine Arts, and the International Association of Arts. She has received numerous certifications, awards, and medals from the Kuwaiti Society of Fine Arts and the National Council for Culture, Arts in Kuwait. Additionally, Mrs. Alkout has participated in specialized Fine Arts courses in England and Florence, and in the Friends of Fine Arts program at the Academy of Arts in England. Her extensive experience in public relations management has honed her skills in managing the media and public relations department of the group.