Alex Erheim

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Mr. Alex Erheim currently holds the position of Senior Legal Advisor in the International Department at Taher Group Law Firm ("TAG"). He is a Canadian lawyer possessing a strong professional foundation with 11 years of legal expertise in various areas including corporate law, commercial transactions, commercial dispute resolution, and technology law.
His academic accolades include an Honours Bachelor's Degree from the University of Toronto, earned in 2007, and a Juris Doctor Degree obtained from the University of Ottawa in 2011.
At TAG, Mr. Erheim spearheads an extensive corporate and commercial practice, focusing on advising private equity investment deals and commercial transactions. He has also built a significant repertoire in assisting technology companies, helping them to enhance their growth and optimize the sale of their products and services.

Mr. Erheim offers his expert legal advice and counsel to some of Kuwait's most prominent national and international companies, dealing primarily with project development in the real estate sector, private equity transactions/subscriptions, formation of private investment funds, commercial sales and transactions, and mergers and acquisitions transactions.

He possesses a broad range of experience in working with technology companies of various sizes, both in Canada and the USA. His contributions to these companies include facilitating capital raise through multiple funding rounds, aiding expansion into new markets, enabling commercial transactions, assisting in product licensing, and mediating disputes between founders and shareholders.


Educational Qualifications:
His academic credentials feature a Juris Doctor in law from the University of Ottawa (2011) and an Honours Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto.